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Reviews Culture Graphique; Made in Italy Ian McLaren

Reviews of Culture Graphique, une perspective de Gutenberg á nos jours by Stéphane Darricau. Made in Italy: Italian Graphic Design Volume 1 by SEA/Fedrigoni Ltd UK.

Feature 1 The exquisitely sensitive work of Peter Wildbur Ian McLaren

A thorough and long overdue appraisal of the quiet modernist graphic information designer and his work. Peter played an important part in the evolution of design offices in Britain and Eire in the 1960s and 70s.

Feature 2 Extroverted type Steven Heller & Mirko Ilić

Type as letters, wordsend phrases are regularly found on, in, and around buildings, along roadways, sprinkled through parks, and affixed to any solid structure. As pundits decry the loss of fundamental reading skills in this visually frenetic digital age, large letters, designed to be ‘experienced’, are appearing in the most surprising places.

Feature 3 Georg Salden Ludwig Ãœbele

Designing a typeface is a personal recreation of a series of images bound to the archetypal form they have acquired over the play with forms, laid to paper through sketches.

Feature 4 typography today by Helmut Schmid Ian McLaren

A critical analysis of the title’s fourth manifestation. Exemplary in many ways, the publication contains a wealth of essential items of the 20th century typographic history.

Education Visual cultures across the ‘Pond’
Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)
Scott Bakal & Elizabeth Resnick

The MassArt is a public, independent college of art and design. Over the years it's faculty members has engaged in developing and organising short-term travel abroad courses to Western Europe, China, and New Zealand for graphic design and illustration students.