Welcome to our autumn issue, Baseline no. 62. The designs of the cover and the jacket are as usual inspired by the contents of this magazine.
    The front and back cover show a minimalist design with two japanese kanji characters, translating hardship/happiness, by student Mayuko Morimoto from Kobe Design University (KDU). The design relates to Helmut Schmid’s article ‘typographic reflection, project fukushima’.
The jacket is an experimental abstract typographic composition using rules as building blocks and incorporating the number 62, influenced by the article ‘Type case illuminations’.
    Ian McLaren reviewed Mathieu Lommen’s delightful publication ‘The Book of Books’, based on the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam. Arnold Schwartzman gave us his opinion of British illustrator Brian Grimwood’s recent publication.


Feature one written by Ian McLaren, reflects on the New York graphic designer George Tscherny and his vast output over the last six decades. Tscherny’s work, is closely associated with the development of an authentic American style.
    Steven Heller explains in ‘Type as agent of power’ the integral and successful use of ‘screamers’ – the clever use of words, typefaces and typography in visual communication.
    Helmut Schmid introduces the project fukushima, which he set initially as part of his typographic reflections series to his students at the Japanese Kobe Design University. Design student Mayuko Morimoto produced a sharp and intelligent solution.
    Margaret Re’s article ‘Matthew Carter: Tension and Typography’, is the concluding part of her series on the ‘industrial’ designer. In the final part Margaret discusses Carter’s typedesigns for Bitstream, Carter Cone, Monotype, as well as successful screen fonts for Microsoft.
    David Jury’s historic article informs about the use of typographic ornaments as an integral part of the design process, both in commerce and as experiment. ‘Type case illuminations’ features typographic illustrations from German, French and American foundries.

In our Education Spectrum, Sallyanne Theodosiou, Senior Lecturer Graphic Design at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) at Epsom, UK, is exploring the question: Why do so many students elect to study graphic design?  Sallyanne’s article is interspersed with interesting student opinions and work samples, which help to formulate an answer.

Hans Dieter Reichert