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Cover: ’Romic‘, A roman typeface by Colin Brignall


Editorial Mike Daines
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Welcome to the first issue of Baseline – a new magazine about typeface design, typography and typographic news. Baseline is published by, TSI Typographic Systems International, which is a subsidiary company of Letraset International. The magazine will inform type-users about the activities of TSI and will feature news and background information on the world of typography and type design. Baseline is produced in separate English, French and German editions and is distributed by Letraset companies, worldwide.

Mike Daines

Introduction to Baseline and TSI Editorial team
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Letraset’s range of typefaces has been growing for a long time now. New faces come from a variety of sources – metal type, photosetting, design groups and independant designers – but one of the most important providers of new type designs is the Letraset Type Design Studio.

The typefaces from this studio, primarily produced for use in headlines made from dry transfer, have become increasingly popular with designers and have frequently been requested for inclusion in photosetting ranges.

TSI has been established to ensure that Letraset typefaces are available on as wide a range of typesetting systems as possible. It does this by offering type machinery manufacturers the opportunity to produce these designs under license.

For the equipment manufacturer this means that he can offer these alphabets on founts, discs, matrices or computer software with his machines. For the typesetter it means the inclusion of these popular typefaces on the range he offers to his customer. And, most important of all, new faces will be made available to the user in all the typesetting media, from dry transfer to photocomposed text…

Editorial team

Romic – new typeface family Editorial team
Typography from D&AD London, 1979 Editorial team
Three new types: ITC Zapf Chancery, Basilia and Quadriga Editorial team
The Liberated Letter Contest Editorial team
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Reflecting the resurgence of interest in typography, Letraset’s recent ‘Liberated Letter’ contest in the USA acted as a focus for the art of stylized headline lettering.

The Competition was open to all designers and artists in the United States. They were asked to use either ‘Liberated Letter’ phrase or design one, which would reflect the current situation of the typographic arts. The only other stipulation was that the end result should use a typeface from either the Instant Lettering or Letragraphica range.

Within this frame work the idea was to design a word setting where the image would creatively enhance the message. The overall aim of the contest was to provide a stimulus, which would encourage the use of Letraset dry transfer so that the designer could fully appreciate its flexibility…

Editorial team

Baseline News Editorial team
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