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Cover: Text setting of Bramley in Light, Medium, Bold and Extrabold, designed by Maxwell J. Baumwell. The quotation comes from the 1980 Christmas card from Stempel AG, and is used with their permission.


Brighton – a new contemporary roman family Editorial team
Bramley – a range of egyptians designed at Letraset Editorial team
Ikarus – Type and the Computer Editorial team
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Since the introduction of the Ikarus concept at the 1975 A.Typ.l. congress in Warsaw considerable work has been undertaken to improve the operational value of these software programmes to the designer and machine manufacturer alike. Today Ikarus software coupled to Aristo, Dec and Tektronix hardware has been installed at such prestigious manufacturers as Autologic, Berthold, Compugraphic, Hell, Mergenthaler, Stempel and Typoart and the system has now virtually been accepted as an industry standard for computer assisted typography…

Editorial team

The Wizardry of Oz (Oz Cooper) Editorial team
Typography in Japan – Yasaburo Kuwayama Editorial team
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In Baseline 2 we looked at Arabic typography and hope in a future issue to feature an article on Japanese letterforms by TSI’s consultant Yasaburo Kuwayama. As head of an innovative and respected design group in Tokyo, Kuwayama has pioneered the introduction of the Western approach to type design into the world of Japanese letterforms, hitherto totally dominated by traditional styles. On these pages we preface Kuwayama’s future article with some examples of his work…

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TDC 26 Editorial team
Letters to the editor Editorial team
Newsline Editorial team

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