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Baseline Cover Issue 24


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Cover: Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China. Photograph by Ian Teh


Editorial Hans Dieter Reichert & Mike Daines

An eclectic mix of subjects and personalities proves again, in this issue, the kaleidoscopic nature of the world of typographic design.

As Ian Teh searches for his roots, bumping into fascinating and striking Kanji along the way, Debi Ani discovers a therapeutic value in the act of typographic layout.

The justification for David Driver’s enthusiasm for the ‘Eagle’ comic becomes clear as soon as the vibrant layouts are viewed, prompting both admiration for the skills of the artists involved, and an invidious comparison with some of today’s teen-fodder. Meanwhile an Englishman in New York, Keith Godard, brings a unique wit and skill to exhibit design Rosemary Sassoon’s types are designed to make a contribution to the development of children’s reading and writing skills, items high on the political agenda; while the ebullient design of South Africa’s I-Jusi magazine bursts out of the ultimate political situation.

A somewhat heady mix, certain to stimulate the typographic appetite. For those not satiated, there is still more to find on the Baseline website.

Hans Dieter Reichert & Mike Daines

Reviews and Opinion Editorial team
Terence Warren – Text and textures Mike Daines
Ian Teh – confirming visual perceptions (a photographic journey)
Typotherapy Debi Ani
The Influence of Eagle Mike Daines
Image from article Image from article Image from article Image from article Image from article

David Driver’s description of Eagle as a seminal influence is not based purely on nostalgia strengthened by boyhood memories, although they play their part: ‘As a boy I was passionate about drawing, and using lettering. I liked the front page of the Radio Times.

‘Each week I had strategic times when these things were available. Each Wednesday night I found it hard to sleep because the Eagle would be available the next morning. I remember that my mother and father used to go and play cards with the local newsagent and it meant that they would bring Eagle back that night and leave it on my bed.’

For the young Driver, whose career as an illustrator and designer would take him the art editorship of magazines, including the Radio Times (in 1969), the fascination with Eagle was completely appropriate…

Mike Daines

Keith Goddard – space explorer Mike Daines &
James Lesley
The Sassoon typefaces Mike Daines & Marie Neal
i-jusi (South African periodical) Hans Dieter Reichert
Lexicon of Typematters (N–S) Editorial team

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